Optimizing campaigns on Facebook

Facebook has become one of the best platforms for marketing primarily through Facebook’s ad platform, which has become more competitive.

Therefore, brands need to ensure that they optimize campaigns continually to ensure that they maintain a lower cost of acquisition.

Brands need to ensure that the data is leveraged through activities such as optimizing targets, engaging ad creative, or even strategies that are unique bidding to allow the uncovering of unique opportunity areas. One of the best ways of ensuring that highly targeted ads are delivered is through the custom audience, which allows the ads to reach the most relevant users. It is such targeting that results in a higher conversion at a lower CPA since it’s in granular form. However, insight into the specific users one addresses is not provided by the black box of Facebook while using interest-based targeting.

Nevertheless, using the customer audience helps you acquire a better understanding of targeted customers or rather the target audience.

This process, however, involves funnel stages, and each of those stages, unique custom audiences can be leveraged, especially those that cater to users within their lifecycle of buying. If you are in the business of branding or digital marketing, and you are on the verge of getting the most from custom audiences, you can use files that include lifetime value, and you can also import from Mailchip.