Use of Instagram as a Business Weapon

Abdullah H. Benayan
عبدالله بنيان

Social media has become increasingly a tool for boosting online sales. One can maximize the use of online platforms such as Instagram by boosting traffic by promoting them.  Blogs, as well as online articles, act as a perfect way of building one’s business online community and keeping the followers and customers engaged.

When you start, you should not stop at simply just posting the content to your site.  As a way of increasing traffic on the website, you should post your Instagram. While doing so, it is essential to schedule a few posts about your brand and include a clickable link. Social media has shown positivity concerning increasing sales.

However, specifically, Instagram focuses on how images are of high quality and that its aesthetic side of marketing makes the perfect social media platform to promote sales. Research done regarding the social media advantages in improving business indicates increased engagement with brand posts that emanate from consumers, which is faster than the rate at which brands are developing new Instagram accounts.

Due to its effectiveness in promoting brands, there has been a surge of the brand’s presence on Instagram in 2019, As such, this is an indication that more than 85% of all existing brands have their presence on the platform. Instagram offers quick access to young people between the ages of 16-40 since 80% of them have maintained their presence on the IG platform, the number which is increasing with time. This, therefore, offers the best chance of appealing to such a clientele.

There for exposing your material and what your selling through Instagram is a must nowadays, as many people started relying on the presence of your Instagram page before browsing your website, as if it were the storefront that attracts customers.

Sometimes Instagram crosses a channel to communicate with customers and take advantage of their comments and understand the mistakes made by your project or their observations that are of interest to any business owner, that marketing has changed significantly over the past years, either that you accompany it or that the train will go on without you.

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