Listening to Customers Through Communication Technology

Abdullah H. Benayan

For any business to thrive, listening to customers is critical. Due to changes in means of communication resulting from changes and development in technology, it is becoming impossible to have a physical interaction with customers as technology evolves.

However, technology has offered limitless access to information as well as means of communication. For example, mobile devices have become accessible to the majority of adults above the age of 16.

Due to technology, they can provide any information through the internet and offer a range of more actions such as social media as a means of communication. However, brands have to combat mobile appendage to ensure that they can compete with the highly competitive world of business.

The devices also have provided ways in which brands can communicate easily with their customers, such as via messages and social media. However, brands have to refrain from the standard ways of sending text messages instead of being more introspective. This will enable them to think about their users and, more so, understand what the users are saying and how they can approach the customers with a personalized message to ensure that the message appeals to a particular customer’s problem. Brands must understand that listening to customers is vital to any current marketing strategy.

Giving each customer a listening ear helps brands to understand the reason behind ay customer behavior. Research indicates that treating a customer like you know them and ensuring that you deliver highly relevant and personalized experiences at each and touchpoint helps build a loyalty club. This is the era of marketing 5.0.

The period in which marketing cloud technology, as well as rich customer data, helps meet the expectations of the demanding consumers, hence brand growth.

 Therefore, every product marketing company must collect data and statistics of shoppers purchases, this thing will make it easier for the company to market a specific product for that customer who bought a product similar to the product that he bought or commensurate with his taste.

The new marketing weapon is customer information, so many companies are keen to keep this information out of the reach of any competitor because, as easily as they get it, they can destroy their competitors.

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