The Rise of Online Shopping

There are many reasons why it is increasingly becoming impossible to resist online shopping. In times like this, when a pandemic is scorching the world, restrictions regarding movement have been put in place across the globe, rendering movement almost impossible.

With online shopping, it is easier to purchase without stepping out of one’s apartment. However, even before the pandemic, online shopping was splurging. Some of the reasons behind such splurge include psychological drivers behind the collective increase in online shopping.  Research indicates that online shopping can lead to stress-relieving, offer reduced pain of online payment, and also act as a form of entertainment. Since the pandemic struck, for example, on a weekly sample taken in the world, transactions showed that there was a 230% increase in food delivery, 140% increase of furniture and office goods purchase, and also a 50% surge in alcohol online sale.

Physical purchase is becoming a thing of the past, especially since the majority of young people are reliant on their hand digital gadgets. Young people find it interesting to purchase online rather than make a trip to the mall. According to research, online shopping indicates that the act alone is a source of increased arousal, the fulfillment of fantasy, heightened involvement, and perceived freedom.

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Abdullah H. Benayan

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